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KinBest International Co., Ltd. Company's aim: Sincere letter service, professional technique, quality guarantees that the company sums up: KinBest International Co., Ltd. company created in 1997, located in SEC. 2, CHUNG CHENG RD. TAIPEI, TAIWAN , the company sets up the company respectively in Taiwan and mainland at present, offer the fastest and intact service to the customer, supply the peripheral goods marketing of the computer mainly (Such as iPOD, the digit TV is received excellently, MP3 Player, Card Reader, Pen Drive, Keyboard , Earphone , USB HUB , Web Cam , Mic , Mouse , Bluetooth Headset , Bluetooth Dongle, USB Travel Kit ,etc.). At present, the network global that KinBest Company offers is on sale throughout the system and spread all over America , Asia , Africa , Australia and Latin America, contain a lot of strongholds in the world. Company's offering service item of KinBest International Co., Ltd. includes as follows:

1. The general foreign trade business is permitted except the business.

2. Deal foreign trade business of various kinds of five metals machinery , hand tool , electric tool , pneumatic tool , processing equipment.

3. Deal foreign trade business of such pipe fittings, connecting, valve, and material as various kinds of steel, copper, iron, stainless steel,etc..

4. Deal foreign trade business of various kinds of plastic raw materials and plastics one , P V C , O P P , P U , P E.

5. Deal foreign trade business of various kinds of electric wires , cables and generators.

6. Various kinds of toy, gift, deal of sports apparatus foreign trade business gambling getting pornographic except the electronic toy Except the toy rifle.

7. Deal foreign trade business of various kinds of vapour , motorcycles , bicycles of accessories.

8. Quotation of every the first agent's domestic and international manufacturer products , bid business.

TEL:886-2-28330851(Rep.)  FAX:886-2-28330850  886-2-28330860  E-mail:kinbest@kinbest.com                           Copyright 2006-2007 Kinbest International Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
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